Step 1

Towel dry hair to remove excess moisture then use a hairdryer until 50% dry. Make sure you point the hair dryer downwards, in the same direction as the hair, to keep the cuticles closed (this avoids frizz).

Step 2

Apply a thermal protection serum spreading evenly though hair lengths.

Step 3

Using a paddle brush, separate your hair in sections, blow-drying your hair straight until it is 100% dry and as smooth as possible.

Step 4

Divide your hair into small sections (For thick hair types: the thicker your hair, the smaller the sections should be).

Step 5

Then use your Marcos hair straightener to glide down the length of your hair, making sure that you pull the layers from the crown section, (where you would normally wear a hat) of your hair in an upward motion to create volume at the roots. Work on each section of hair to polish and smooth your look.

Step 6

Apply a shine serum to your fingertips and smooth through evenly for a luscious finish.

Step 7

For a more textured look rub a small amount of wax or defining paste between your fingertips. Finish the style by applying wax to the ends of the hair, piecing and defining layers if needed.

Styling Tip

For longer lasting volume – tip hair upside down & lightly mist with hairspray.